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Ethics of digital contact tracing

Digital public health technologies

A commitment must be made to a comprehensive pandemic response. This includes investment in traditional public health methods, widespread and freely available testing, support for those who are required to isolate or quarantine, and minimization of the influence of corporate interests. Any use of digital technologies as part of the pandemic response should be guided by the following principles and related actions.

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Testing tracker

Testing trends tool

These charts lay out the key metrics for understanding the reach and severity of COVID-19 in a given area: number of new daily cases, tests per 100,000 people (testing rate), and percentage of tests that are positive (positivity rate).

As testing capacity increases, considering confirmed new cases, testing rates, and percent positivity together gives us a fuller picture of COVID-19 in a particular state or region. Under these conditions and stable testing practices, trends in daily cases can be cautiously interpreted as trends in transmission of the virus. Leaders can then make informed decisions about lifting social distancing and other transmission control measures.

JOHNS HOPKINS: Coronavirus Resource Center