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Convalescent plasma: state of the art


Duration of anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in plasma is currently unknown; while the overall antibody responses for other betacoronaviruses typically declines after six to twelve months, SARS-specific neutralizing antibodies usually persist for two years.

So in the vast majority of countries, a suitable donor could donate 600 ml of plasma (equivalent to three therapeutic doses under most current trials) every 14 days for a minimum of six months. Up to seven plasma donations have been proven not to decrease antibody titers in convalescent donors.

In contrast to SARS and MERS patients, most COVID-19 patients exhibit few or no symptoms and do not require hospitalization; this could suggest that the majority of convalescent donors are best sought in the general population although specific studies on antibody titers in mildly symptomatic patients suggest low titers.