COVID-19 coronavirus tracker

This tracker provides the number of cases and deaths from novel coronavirus by country, the trend in case and death counts by country, and a global map showing which countries have cases and deaths. The data are drawn directly from official coronavirus situation reports released regularly by the WHO. It should be noted that the WHO reported case numbers are conservative, and likely represent an undercount of the true number of coronavirus cases, especially in China.

This tracker will be updated regularly, as new situation reports are released.

TRACKER: Kaiser Family Foundation

Create a state-wide coronavirus (COVID-19) infographic


One way to manage the unknown around the emerging threat of coronavirus (COVID-19) is having access to authoritative data. That data is currently being provided by Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Systems Science and Engineering through the ArcGIS Living Atlas. We can use these data feeds in the ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App to present information and communicate the most important facts through infographics – using interactive maps, charts, tables and indicators.  In the app you can now use a dedicated infographic template to display COVID-19 data while combining supporting data sources.  This infographic is only available for US states.

In this blog, we will show you how to create a state-wide infographic that shows the daily status of confirmed cases, deaths, and recovery from COVID-19. Additionally, the infographic shows summary statistics of the most vulnerable populations in your state to help you prepare for mitigation efforts. Enabling the infographic within your organization takes roughly one minute and when you’re done, you’ll have an infographic that clearly and concisely shares the impact that COVID-19 has had on your communities.


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